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Puppies expected from Portia (Severnsett Queen of Hearts) by Sh Ch Phensett Blue Max

Portia's scan shows that she is expecting 7 or more puppies due the middle of June!  Good News!!

7 March 

Solo (Severnsett Heartbreaker) & Portia (Severnsett Queen of Hearts) on the bench at Crufts - a long day!!

Today we all went to Crufts taking our three dogs, not really expecting to do much at all and then WOW!!  Roxie (Bournehouse Water Music at Severnsett J.W. won her class (Veteran Bitch) and then went on to win BEST VETERAN IN BREED!!  What an exciting day!!  Our judge was Mrs Val Isherwood.  Thank you so much!


21 January
Today we had to say a very sad 'goodbye' to my precious Darcy (Sh Ch Severnsett Dancing Queen J.W).  She was one month off reaching the grand old age of 14 years, but sadly it was not meant to be.  She was my first Show Champion and gave Nick and I such alot of fun showing her over the years.  She also gave me a lovely litter of puppies in 2007 and my lovely Dennis (Sh Ch Severnsett Mask of Zorro).  She will be forever missed.



4 November 2017

Nick & Jennie's Wedding Day!

A lovely day was had by all.  Dennis (Sh Ch Severnsett Mask of Zorro) was Best Dog and Darcy (Sh Ch Severnsett Dancing Queen) both attnded and played a very special part of the celebrations:



3 October 

Today we had a happy event:  Roxie (Bouurnehouse Water Music at Severnsett J.W gave birth to three lovely bitch puppies.  Two Orange and one blue & tan who we retained (Severnsett Queen of Hearts) Portia.

Photos to follow


10th November
Roxie (Bournehouse Water Music at Severnsett) gave birth to one puppy - a boy!  Born on my husband's 70th Birthday!!  We called him 'Solo' for obvious reasons!


3 August 2014
National Gundog Championship Show held at Malvern

Nick showed Dennis and Roxie today and what a marvellous day we had!
Our judge was Mrs Dawn Gortorbe of the Upperwood Kennels.
Dennis won Open Dog and then went on to win the Challenge Certificate (making him up to Sh Ch Severnsett Mask of Zorro!! subject to KC Confirmation) and then went on to win Best of Breed.  This is my second homebred Show Champion and my tenth Challenge Certificate.  WOW!!

25 July 2014
Today we travelled up the M1 to the Leeds Championship Show held at Harewood House.  Andrew came with me and we took the two girls with us, although Dennis (Severnsett Mask of Zorro) was the only one entered.  Lizzie Greenslade handled Dennis for me as Nick was at work and - Well, what a day!  Our judge was Jeff Roberts and this was his first time of giving tickets in English Setters.  Dennis won Open dog and then went on to win the Challenge Certificate and Best of Breed!  This is his second, so we only need one more to make him up to Show Champion!  Thank you so much Lizzie for your super handling!  She also won Best of Breed in the Spanish Water Dogs so she had a fantastic day!  It was so hot but worth the long tiring journey home.

18 July 2014
Today we had to say another sad 'Goodbye' to my first boy dog, Jaffa, at the good age of 11.5 years.  He was a true gentleman and I loved every minute I spent with him.  It is very strange as now I only have three dogs left when once upon a time, I had six.

26 March 2014
This was the saddest of days.  Today I had to say a very sad 'Goodbye' to our beloved Sebastion (Severnsett Rum 'n Black).  He had been diagnosed with Chronic Kidney Disease less than two weeks ago and dispute all our efforts, we lost him.  He was only 9 years and one month to the day, so not very old and the youngest English Setter I have lost.  We all miss him terribly and a big light has gone out here.


Crufts 9 March 2014:
Darcy (Sh Ch Severnsett Dancing Queen) was our star today winning Veteran Bitch for the second time out of seven.  Not bad for a nine year old!!  So we came home with a nice red Crufts rosette!

Best critique ever!! (Thanks to Agnes Murphy, judge!)
DennisExtract from Dog World:  28 February 2014
Subject: Manchester Championship Show – 19 January 2014
OD (11) Excellent class of many champions & worth of their titles too.
1 Darley’s Severnsett Mask of Zorro:  this was one of the dogs who caught my eye as he entered the ring but in such a quality class was very open minded.  When I went over him I was captivated.  So sound & strongly built in such an elegant frame.  He is beautifully made.  Long, proportionate head with adequate depth of flew.  Clean throat, very expressive, melting dark eyes that really got to my heart.  He is so well balanced.  Well defined occiput & clean skull.  Elegant, muscular lean neck continuing into the best of shoulders.  Lovely low set ears.  He has a firm topline which he keeps on the move.  Strong firm loin & powerful hindquarters which he used to drive around the ring.  Well knuckled, neat feet.  In superb coat & condition.  Moved around the ring as if it was his own with great reach & drive.  Loved him & thrilled to award him his CC.
And Roxie:
GB (8.3)
1 Darley’s Bournehouse Water Music at Severnsett:  Quality little blue who is going to do a lot of winning as she matures.  Very nice in profile with good depth of body.  Such an elegant picture with correct balance & tailset.  Glamorous showy bitch, liked her good head & eye.  Enough stop & good occiput.  Clean neck & shoulders.  In great coat & condition.  Moved well with a lovely lashing tail. Agnes Murphy (judge)

2 February 2014:  Midland English Setter Championship Show
Di Morgan judged dogs and gave Dennis 4th in Open dog
Linda Taylor judged bitches and gave Roxie 2nd in Graduate bitch (only 2 in class!)

19 January 2014: Manchester Championship Show

Today we travelled to the Bingley Hall, Stafford for our first show of 2014 and what a day it turned out to be!!  Dennis (Severnsett Mask of Zorro) won a strong Open Dog class of eleven containing five champions and then went on to win his first Challenge Certificate!!  Roxie (Bournehouse Water Music at Severnsett) also won her class (Graduate Bitch) so all in all, we had an amazing day!!


This year has been a steady year for Dennis with him being placed at every show attended and Roxie gaining her Junior Warrant. We will have to wait and see what 2014 brings!

15 December 2013: LKA:

The last show of the year. How quickly the year has gone! Our judge today was Mrs Penny Williams (Bournehouse). As she bred Roxie we were unable to show her under her but we took Dennis (Severnhouse Mask of Zorro) where she placed him 5th.

8 December 2013: Northern English Setter:

Normally this show is held at Elsecar and has a real Christmas feel to it. For a change it was held nearer to us at Stoneleigh but it didn't really feel the same even though they had Christmas music playing and mince pies on offer! We only showed Roxie today under Mr George Burton who gave her 1st in Yearling Bitch.

30 November 2013:

Coventry & District Open Show

Breed judge, Mr Keith Lewis judged today. Our friend, Lizzie, showed Roxie and she was placed 1st in Post Graduate. This is dogs & bitches together. She went on to win Best of Breed which we were thrilled with.

17 November 2013: Southern English Setter Champ Show:

Mrs Ruth Martin judged dogs and placed Dennis (Severnhouse Mask of Zorro) first in Open dog. Mr Dom Goutorbe judged bitches and gave Roxie (Bournehouse Water Music at Severnsett JW) 3rd place. She was also judged in the Memorial class by Mr Simon Pitts where she was placed 2nd.

27 October 2013: Midland Counties

We were disappointed today because on arrival at the show we realised that poor Dennis had a 'dead tail'. This can happen after a bath and if the weather is cold and windy. He was very miserable and even after an expensive visit to the show vet for an injection, we decided not to show him.

16 October 2013: Gundog Society of Wales:

In Nick's absence, Lizzie Greenslade showed Dennis (Severnhouse Mask of Zorro) today for the first time and he moved for her really well. Dave Lewis was our judge and he placed Dennis 3rd in Open.

11 October 2013: South Wales:

Nick is away visiting his brother in Denmark which meant that today it was down to me to show Dennis (Severnhouse Mask of Zorro). Nigel Worth awarded him 2nd in Open behind the CC winner so I was very pleased with the result.

Roxie and Darcy came into season in October, so no shows for Roxie for a while.

29 September 2013: English Setter of Wales Open show:

This is always an enjoyable and relaxed show and today I showed Roxie under Mrs Maggie McCabe in Yearling, which she won.

1 September 2013: City of Birmingham:

Carol Guy was our judge and Roxie won first place in Graduate with Dennis (his first time in Open dog) being third.

18 August 2013: Welsh Kennel Club:

We only showed Dennis today and Linda Cooper gave him third place in Limit.

4 August 2013: National Gundog:

This show is held at Three Counties showground, Malvern. Julia Lynn judged. The morning turned very wet and the dogs were shown outside, in what turned out to be, heavy rain. Not much fun! Dennis was placed second. Fortunately the judge saw sense and we went inside for the bitches and Roxie won Yearling bitch.

3 August 2013: Paignton:

Two shows in one weekend and definitely too much! Roxie was 5th in Yearling bitch and Dennis 4th in Limit.

28 July 2013: Leeds:

This show is held at Harewood House and we always enjoy watching the red kites circling above us whilst showing. Mrs C Bexon was our judge today and Dennis won 1st place in Limit with Roxie 2nd in Junior and 4th in Graduate. An enjoyable day with a Junior Warrant party with Anne Derry and Gina Fisher.

A well earned rest with a week away in Spain with our eldest son, James and family. Unfortunately missing Wimbledon and Andy Murray won!!

27 June 2013: Windsor:

Christine Moorhouse judged today. Dennis was 5th in Limit but Roxie won 1st place in Junior & 1st in Yearling giving her her final points needed for her Junior Warrant! She is now Bournehouse Water Music at Severnsett JW! Well done Roxie!!

9 June 2013: Three Counties:

Mr Rod Green judged & awarded Dennis (Severnhouse Mask of Zorro) 2nd place in Limit and Roxie (Bournehouse Water Music at Severnsett JW) 2nd in Junior.

31 May 2013: Southern Counties:

We always enjoy this show held at Newbury. Mrs Gill Lewis was our judge today and we took 3 dogs for a change! Sebastian (Severnsett Rum 'n Black) was shown in Veteran dog or bitch and won 3rd place. Dennis was 4th in Limit and Roxie 2nd in Junior and 1st in Yearling.

25 May 2013: Bath:

On a lovely day this show is perfect and today was good. The showground was like a bowling green which makes a change from some venues which can be mud! Mr P Halstead gave Dennis 2nd in Limit and Roxie 1st place in Junior. However, we entered her into the Petplan Junior Stakes and she came 2nd out of 24, winning £75!!

12 May 2013: MESS Open:

Only showed Roxie today and she won 1st in Junior, 1st in Yearling and 2nd in Graduate.

10 May 2013: Birmingham National:

Mr P Iverson from Norway judged today. Dennis was placed 5th in Limit and Roxie won Junior.

21 April 2013: English Setter Association 60th Anniversary Show:
This was held at the Kennel Club Building at Stoneleigh.  Judging bitches was Ms Teresa Watkins and dogs, Mrs Fran Grimsdell.  We only took Roxie (Bournehouse Water Music at Severnsett) who came 3rd in Junior and Tyro classes.  It was a very well attended show and the Society celebrated 60 years by providing bubbly and cup cakes and prizes for the dogs!

7 April 2013: English Setter Society of Wales
Nick and I travelled to Welshpool with only the girls this time (Darcy and Roxie).  Darcy (Sh Ch Severnsett Dancing Queen) won Veteran Bitch and Roxie (Bournehouse Water Music at Severnsett) came 2nd in Junior Bitch and 1st in Yearling Bitch.  Unfortunately there were only two in Yearling so no junior warrant points today.  Our judge today was Mr Chis Bird (Cransett).

9 March 2013: CRUFTS
Dennis (Severnsett Mask of Zorro) won 3rd place in Limit Dog out of a good class of 10 & Roxie (Bournehouse Water Music at Severnsett) also won 3rd place in Special Puppy Bitch with 9 in her class, under Frank Kane so a very good day for 'Team Severnsett'!!  Really nice to come home with 2 yellow Crufts rosettes.

3 February 2013: Midland English Setter Championship Show
What a brilliant day!  Dennis (Severnsett Mask of Zorro) won a strong Limit class under Maggie White and Roxie (Bournehouse Water Music) won 3 classes (Junior, Novice & Maiden Bitch) under breed judge Steve Collier, gaining 9 junior warrant points.

20 January 2013: Manchester Championship Show
Our first show of 2013 held at Stafford.  Chris Sayers was our judge and Dennis (Severnsett Mask of Zorro)  won 3rd place out of a strong class of 7 and Darcy (Sh Ch Severnsett Dancing Queen) came 2nd in Veteran bitch.  She was also shown in the Veteran Stakes and won 3rd place against some excellent gundogs, winning £10!!


16 December 2012: LKA
The last show of 2012! Mrs Isabel Foreman was our judge today and Dennis (Severnsett Mask of Zorro) won limit dog out of a very strong class of nine and Roxie (Bournehouse Water Music) won puppy bitch.

2 December 2012: Northern English Setter Champ Show
We always enjoy this show because it feels as though Christmas has begun.  There is a warm atmosphere with christmas music playing and mince pies on offer!  Today we took three dogs with us.  Ms Teresa Watkin judged dogs and gave Sebastian (Severnsett Rum 'n Black) 2nd in veteran and Dennis (Severnsett Mask of Zorro) 2nd in limit.  Mr Richard Bott judged bitches and placed Roxie (Bournehouse Water Music) 2nd in puppy, so three seconds - not bad at all!!

Andrew & I had a lovely holiday in Adelaide, Austrailia, visiting our youngest son, Richard, Emma and our new granddaughter, Isla, who we hadn't seen before (except in photographs!)  She was born in May this year.  We had a lovely time and really enjoyed the sunshine, especially in November!!

5 November 2012:
Today we had to say a very sad farewell to Bella (Northpoint Sinamay at Severnsett).  She was the grand age of 12.5 years to the day as she was born on 5 June.  We owe her everything as without her we wouldn't have our Champion bitch (Sh Ch Severnsett Dancing Queen) and her brother, Severnsett Rum 'n Black who is two thirds a champion!  She only had the one litter of just 3 puppies. Very grateful thanks must go to her breeder, Mrs Ann Wicks, for allowing us to own her.  She was a real character and is greatly missed but won't be forgotten.

3 November 2012
Setter & Pointer

Wow!!  What a day!  Dennis (Severnsett Mask of Zorro) won Limit dog and went on to win his first Reserve Challenge Certificate and Roxie won Best Puppy in Show.  Thanks to Mrs Jennifer Barlow for liking them both so much!  Roxie's breeder, Mrs Penny Williams, was judging the Group so Roxie was unable to compete but did a very proud lap of honour.  We came home with two lovely trophies!

8 June 2012:
Three Counties show at Malvern.  We were thrilled when Dennis (Severnsett Mask of Zorro) won 1st place in Limit Dog out of a strong class of 9, under Mr John Thirwell, so gaining his stud book number!

6 June 2012: 
Nick had his first judging appointment at the Staffordshire Argricultural Show at Stafford.  He had a good entry of 18 (10 present) and gave BOB to the Hackings' Benrae Royal Variety (Bobby).  The weather held for us and we thoroughly enjoyed the day.

1 June 2012:
Southern Counties -
Judge Patsy Hollings gave Dennis (Severnsett Mask of Zorro) 4th in Limit Dog out of 10 and Sebastion (Severnsett Rum 'Black) 1st in Veteran Dog/Bitch out of 9!!  Another good day for us!

10 May 2012:
Birmingham National show at Stafford.  Today our judge was Mr Clive Davis.  Nick showed Sebastian who gained 3rd in Open Dog behind the DCC and DRCC winners.

29 April 2012:
Andrew and I travelled up to Dumfries for the English Setter Society of Scotland's Championship show.  Gillian Spencer judged dogs and gave Sebastion (Severnsett Rum 'n Black) 2nd in Veteran dog and Dennis (Severnsett Mask of Zorro) 3rd in Limit dog which was very good as I was personally showing them and not Nick!!

22 April 2012:
Nick & I travelled to The Kennel Club Building at Stoneleigh for the ESA Championship show with Dennis.  Sue Wilkinson was judging dogs and Elwyn Evans, bitches.  Dennis (Severnsett Mask of Zorro) won 2nd place in a strong class of 11 dogs and has now qualified for Crufts 2013!

08 April 2012 (Easter Sunday):
Our latest news is that we have a surprise new addition to the Severnsett team.  A puppy!!  Her name is Roxie, Bournehouse Water Music.  She is a blue belton born 26 January 2012 which makes her just over 10 weeks old.  She has settled in really well with all the other dogs and Oliver, our bengal cat, thinks she is lovely
except when she gets too rough with him (they are about the same size, although she is getting bigger by the day!) 

07 April 2012:  English Setter Society of Wales
Both Darcy & Sebastian were entered in the Veteran class under dog judge, Mrs Jean Parsons & bitch judge,
Mrs Margaret Gittens.  They both won their classes and Sebastian went on to win Best Veteran in Show.

09 March 2012:  CRUFTS!
The Severnsett Show Team had a very successful day at Crufts under Judge Mr Keith Smith:
Darcy (Sh Ch Severnsett Dancing Queen) won Veteran Bitch and came home with a red Crufts rosette.

Sebastian (Severnsett Rum 'n Black JW) won 3rd place in Veteran Dog (yellow rosette)  and
Dennis (Severnsett Mask of Zorro) won VHC in Limit Dog.
So they were all placed!  It was an extremely long and tiring day with judging starting at 8.30am and not finishing until 5.30pm but well worth it!

26 February 2012:  Happy Birthday to Darcy & Sebastion (& Reggie) 7 years old today and now in Veteran!

26 February 2012:  Midland English Setter 30th Championship Show (Pearl Anniversary)
Darcy (Sh Ch Severnsett Dancing Queen) won Reserve in Open Bitch (judge Mrs Val Isherwood) and
Dennis (Severnsett Mask of Zorro) won VHC in Limit Dog (judge Mr Chris Bird)

22 January 2012:  Manchester Dog Show at Stafford. The judge was Di Morgan. Unfortunately we were second in the ring and had a dreadfully long wait for judging to start.
Darcy (Sh Ch Severnsett Dancing Queen) was entered in the Champions Stake Class and was in the cut for the last 8.
Dennis (Severnsett Mask of Zorro) in Limit Dog came 4th and Darcy in Open Bitch came 2nd.


23 January Manchester
Darcy (Sh Ch Severnsett Dancing Queen) won her 4th CC and Best of Breed
Judge: Mrs Jane Dennis

17 April English Setter Association
Darcy (Sh Ch Severnsett Dancing Queen) won her 5th CC
Judge: Mrs Dawn Goutorbe

10 June Three Counties
Darcy (Sh Ch Severnsett Dancing Queen) won her 4th Reserve CC
Judge: Mrs Jane Bishop

21 August Welsh Kennel Club
Darcy (Sh Ch Severnsett Dancing Queen) won her 5th Reserve CC
Judge: Mr Mike Gadsby



13 October Gundog Society of Wales
Darcy won her 3rd CC and Best of Breed gaining her title and becoming:

'Our first Homebred Champion'

And not only that won Group 4 in the Gundog Group

What an amazing day!!!!

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